World Candle Month is celebrated every year throughout the month of September. This great celebration was created by The Northern American National Candle Association (NCA) in 2013.

We here at Price’s Candles obviously love how candles really can enrich your everyday lives. We live and breathe the goodness lighting a candle can bring to your life every day and we are so excited to share this with you especially throughout the month of September and every other day of the year.

The theme this year is “Illuminate Your Life” so please, light your most favourite candle and read on…


There is a mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked bread swirling around the kitchen and the last finishing touch is to light your dinner candles upon the table, smartly set and ready for a romantic evening in. Our Dinner Candles will give you the feel of a candle lit dinner out at beautiful restaurant but in comfortability of your own home.

Décor & Self-Expression

Whether you love bright bold colours or subtle more neutral colours, a candle can add that little bit of something that your room is missing. With a wide range of colours our Large Jar candles allow you to express yourself with colour without having to re do the whole of your interior. Fancy a splash of green on your mantel piece? Try out our Sweet Pear candle which has 20% off throughout September.

Celebration & Remembrance

Light a candle to remember a memorable time in your life, whether it be the time you went travelling across the world or the time you went apple picking in a luscious orchard in Italy. Candles can be used to reminisce on some special times. We love our Signature range, full of scent and busrting with beautiful colours.

Self-Care & Meditation

You have just completely cleaned your house from top to bottom, bed sheets fresh and laundry all folded away neatly. You can finally light your beautiful Tea lights on the side of your bath, pour the bubble bath in and relax. Candles really do add that little bit extra when you’re indulging in self-care and that perfect ‘me time’.

We hope this helps you focus in on what candles really mean to you and how they can illuminate your life in more ways you knew before.