1st October 2021

Our fragrance of the month for October is the magically majestic Royal Oak. The Oak tree is one of the oldest and most widely spread trees in the World. They play a crucial role in everyday life from feeding various living creatures on their acorns and leaves to being a crucial raw material in modern life.

One oak tree can produce 10 million acorns in it’s lifetime and only 1 in 10 thousand of those acorns will grow into a new oak tree. This is handy as many of the acorns are a vital food source for birds and small mammals so the fact that these amazing trees can live up to a thousand years old makes them the true King of the Forest.


This comforting understated scent will remind you of long walks in charming woods on cool Autumn days and burning log fires. The enchantment of the Royal Oak is depicted in this noble, woody fragrance. This warm, musky aroma includes a blend of light spice’s leaving a long lasting earthly scent to enjoy around the home.

Throughout October you can enjoy 20% off the entire Royal Oak range which comes in a variety of candle sizes; the smallest candle tin now only £2.80 and the largest candle jar only £15.19. Alternatively, the reed diffuser is a great option to fragrance your home, with up to 4 weeks lasting fragrance for only £11.19.

Shop Fragrance of the Month here and let us know what you think of this warm earthly fragrance.