1st June 2021

Black Cherry is extremely popular around the world due to it’s relaxing and calming effect that soothes even the tenses of muscles and eases the mind. In some circles it is known as the Yang to Red Cherry’s Yin and it’s energy is that of duality and balance. The deep red colour really captures the essence of the fruit perfectly and looks great in any room.


The Black Cherry trees are also known as Prunus Serotina and are widespread in North and South America. The fruit from the tree is perfect for making things like jams and jellies as it is neither sweet nor sour. Our candle is a delicious mix of ripe handpicked cherries and bitter almond, this sweet ‘bakewell tart’ fragrance will give a long lasting and intensely scrumptious scent.

Throughout June you can enjoy 20% off the entire Black Cherry range which comes in a variety of candle sizes; the smallest candle tin now only £2.80 and the largest candle jar only £14.40. Alternatively, the reed diffuser is a great option to fragrance your home, with up to 4 weeks lasting fragrance for only £10.80.

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