1st May 2021

This popular flower is associated to a number of positive meanings making it a welcomed fragrance to any house throughout the year. The Magnolia plant is a symbol of purity, nobleness and persistence, with the pink of the Magnolia signifying love, beauty and a feminine side. The vibrant pink colour represents the flower perfectly adding a great pop of colour to any room.

The Magnolia plant itself has adapted to differing climates to survive over the years earning it the meaning of eternity and long life, and is a popular addition to many gardens around the world. This unique and exquisite fragrance features the unmistakable notes of sweet magnolia flower, in perfect harmony with a gentle touch of Rose and Jasmine.

Throughout May you can enjoy 20% off the entire Magnolia range which comes in a variety of candle sizes; the smallest candle tin now only £2.80 and the largest candle jar only £14.40. Alternatively, the reed diffuser is a great option to fragrance your home, with up to 4 weeks lasting fragrance for only £10.80.

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