1st June 2020

Watermelon is a large fruit with silky smooth green skin filled with juicy red pulp and small black seeds.  This tropical delight is a symbol of freshness, not only being eaten as a snack but also made in detox waters, smoothies, cheesecakes and now even used as a substitute for a meat or fish steak in vegan meals at places like Wagamamas.


Some things that people don’t know is that you can actually eat the entire fruit! The rinds can be stir fried or stewed and some people even pickle them. The seeds are used for a light snack just like pumpkin seeds. Alongside them being made from 92 percent water making them a great refresher, watermelons have amazing health benefits. They are a great source of lycopene and an antioxidant. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, but low in calories so you can see why they are very popular fruit.

The scent of Melon makes us reminisce on biting into a gigantic slice of watermelon whilst on the beach. So why not fill your house with the fresh, luscious smell that is melon to send you into a trance of holiday happiness.

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