1st December 2020

There’s nothing nicer than lighting a gorgeous festive scented candle over the Christmas period and we’re offering you the opportunity to experience this for 20% less throughout December.

Did you know that in ancient Egypt, cinnamon was worth more than gold? That’s because cinnamon was long believed to have healthful and medicinal properties that made it extremely valuable. In modern times the comforting spicy fragrance is widely used in candle-making due to its versatile nature and warming aroma.

With the festive season fast-approaching, why not light a Price’s cinnamon candle as you decorate your Christmas tree? Or place a reed diffuser in your entrance hall for an instant hit of fragrance each time you enter the home.

Enjoy the top notes of aromatic cinnamon, with base notes of cardamom and bay leaf to create that magical feeling this December.

Cinnamon comes in a variety of candle sizes; the smallest candle tin now only £2.80 and the largest candle jar only £14.40.  Alternatively, the reed diffuser is a great option to fragrance your home, with up to 4 weeks lasting fragrance for only £10.80.

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