1st October 2020

This ever-popular sweet, resinous scent is created from a mix of balsams with hints of sandalwood and vanilla. It is a real oriental, exotic fragrance.

Amber is one of our most unusual scents as Amber the well-known stunning, orange-tinted gemstone does not give off an actual scent like say an apple or pear would. This scent is inspired by the soft, sticky fossilised tree resin which is used to make Amber to create the perfume oil used to create this musky scent.


The scent is absolutely perfect for autumn not only because of the glowing orange colour but for the intriguing rich and velvety woody aromas this candle releases when burning.

Throughout October you can enjoy 20% off the entire Amber range which comes in a variety of candle sizes; the smallest candle tin now only £2.80 and the largest candle jar only £14.40. Alternatively, the reed diffuser is a great option to fragrance your home, with up to 4 weeks lasting fragrance for only £10.80.

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